Yamaha 300 HP V6

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Yamaha 300 HP V6


Yamaha 300 outboard engine for sale with SBW (bolt-on electric steering) in Europe

Yamaha 300 outboard motor available in 2 versions (apart of 2 colour versions: Grey Metallic or Pearl White engine):

  • DBW – Drive By Wire, which is electronic control of gears and gas (column control is hydraulic),
  • SBW – Steer By Wire, which is DBW technology extended with electronic control of the engine column.

The all-new 300 HP V6 engine for sale delivers torquey acceleration and unprecedented top speed. The construction of this Yamaha model, is also about elegance, reliability and, of course, quiet but momentous power – the very qualities Yamaha Motors is famous for.

The best technologies installed in new Yamaha V6 outboard motor to buy at good price

Yamaha’s 300 HP premium V6 engines are equipped with a a range of new, unique features:

  1. Digital Electric Steering (DES) on the V6 engine with SBW is an equipment at standard Yamaha 300 price. With the DES, there are no pumps, hydraulic control lines, special spigots or vent hoses in the bilge. Due to the lack of hydraulic lines, there is no need to clean or refill fluids. Replacing the engine is much more efficient. Yamaha 300 outboard engines with DES can also be equipped with the new Helm Master EX system.
  2. TERE – exhaust diversion system – Greater power when reversing and manoeuvring at low speeds – below 2500 rpm and when sailing in reverse: the TERE system in Yamaha 300 outboard leads the exhaust bubbles over the anti-ventilation plate out of the propeller. The propeller runs on bubble-free water, which dramatically increases the reverse thrust and superbly improves steering. In combination with the optional DES system and Helm Master EX, the Helm Master EX system joystick makes navigating in tight harbours very easy.
  3. TotalTilt – this function allows the 300 HP engine to be fully tilted up or down (up to contact with the trim cylinder) from any position by pressing the corresponding tilt button twice. Activating the function activates a signal to warn the crew to keep their distance from the Yamaha 300 for sale, and an integrated tilt limiter prevents accidental damage.


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